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Sustainability and System Analysis Research Group

Leader Masaharu Motoshita


Sustainability assessment and system analysis help guide us to a more sustainable society with the consideration of the connection among individual technologies, products, and services. Methods and tools for sustainability assessment and system analysis are indispensable for designing sustainable social systems in real life.
We aim to contribute to the achievement of sustainable society through developing assessment and analysis technologies in macro and micro perspectives. We work on the advancement in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Material Flow Analysis (MFA), and system analysis as the key technologies for macro-level assessment and analysis. We also promote the development of environmental impact assessment models, risk assessment methods in Environment, Social and Governance (ESG), and assessment methods of individual energy technologies. Social implementation of the technologies and the systems with the developed assessment and analysis methods is also a highly important mission of our research group.
International collaboration plays an essential role in achieving sustainability in globally linked systems. In this regard, we work together with Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Team, Global Zero Emission Research Center

Research Topics

(1) Fundamental technologies for sustainability assessment of social systems

Methods and tools for sustainability assessment are base technologies to assess sustainability of products, services and social systems. We develop environmental impact assessment models in LCA, criticality assessment of resources use, and GHGs reduction and environmental impact assessment of energy technologies.

Environmental impact assessment models
(Members: Motoshita, Yokoi

Risk assessment methods on the Environment, Social and Governance (ESG)
(Members: Motoshita, Hatayama, Yokoi, Morimoto)

Energy technology assessment
(Members: Utagawa,Morimoto, Ozawa, Nishio, Kudoh )

(2) System analysis for design of sustainable social systems

Systematic analysis of connected products and technologies in social systems, and assessment of individual products and technologies are essential to achieving sustainable society. With LCA, MFA, and energy system analysis, we develop databases and methods to implement and improve various technologies and systems. We also conduct application research to the analyses of energy systems for reducing GHGs emissions, resource management systems and resource strategy for promotion of resource circularity, and supply chain risk assessment of resource use for improvement of current systems.

Energy system analysis
(Members: Kondo, Utagawa, Morimoto, Honda, Ozawa,Nishio, Kudoh )

System analysis on resource management and strategy
(Members: Hatayama, Yokoi, Morimoto)

Risk assessment of resource supply chain
(Members: Motoshita, Hatayama, Yokoi, Morimoto)

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