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Hiroki Yotsumoto


I was graduated from Mining & Mineral engineering Dept. of Kyoto University, being majored mineral processing, the technology to extract valuable components such as metal minerals from ground ore. I found a job at National Research Institute for Pollution & Resources, the predecessor of the present AIST, and had been involved with the research of utilization of unused resources and waste recycling. About 20 years ago, I studied the flocculation and dispersion of fine particles at Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University as a visiting researcher for 18 months and took a degree of PhD from Kyoto University mainly based on that research. At the present AIST, I have been experienced the leader of Particle Separation Group of Research Institute for Green Technology, the Senior Planning Manager of Planning Headquarters, the Deputy Director of Research Center for Hydrogen Industrial Use and Storage and the Director of Planning Division, Research and Innovation Headquarters. In order to establish a new science, I would like to promote interdisciplinary research in the Research Institute of Science for Safety and Sustainability.