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Masaharu Motoshita


I have been working as a researcher on environmental science since 2003. My main research focus is the development and application of sustainability assessment methods for technologies, products, organizations and nations. Life Cycle Assessment is the basis of my research, while I work on environmental carrying capacity assessment (including planetary boundaries) of water and mineral resource use. For the assessment of environmental footprints of products/organizations/nations, I also develop inventory database covering global supply chain. Developed methods have been used for the environmental performance assessment of products, technologies and organizations in practice. I support and advice companies on the application of these methods in practice for promoting their environmental management in more sustainable way. In particular, I am strongly interested in how to change actions relevant to the environmental issues based on life cycle thinking. Therefore, I highly focus on environmental management at organizational and national levels. The following are my current main research topics:

– Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
– Environmental carrying capacities (incl. planetary boundaries)
– Supply chain risk management
– Organizational LCA
– Water footprint
– Material footprint
– Assessment of contribution to life cycle GHGs emission reduction by products and organizations

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