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Mitsuo Izumo


I reached this field, the safety science, from the interest in chemical reaction processes. Explosion is a very fast reactive process, and some chemicals can start their reaction without any heat or light. I made a model of ignition process inside solid explosives, by sensitivity tests for small crystals when I was at university.
Here in AIST, I work to estimate how an explosion generates fragments of a structure. We cannot make 1/1 scale experiments cause of the law’s restriction. It is necessary to be estimated from small scale models experiments. We should think well about a part that can be well adapted and a part that cannot.
How can we ensure our safety for an emergency? I recognized its importance. As a scientist, I support my view to be in an objective way, even if I learn that many people seems to be too careful for safety. And I also try to obtain not only individual exceptions but the general finding.