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Wataru Naito


I have been conducting researches on environmental risk assessment and management of chemicals since late-1990s. By the time I obtained PhD degree at Yokohama National University in 2002, I used ecosystem model to assess ecological risks of chemicals for a Japanese lake. After starting my career at AIST, I involved the development of four risk assessment documents (i.e., DEHP, coplanar-PCB, Pb and Zn). For Zn risk assessment document, I play a coordinating role to summarize the results of exposure, hazard and risk assessments. After the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami followed by the Fukushima disaster, I have started pragmatic studies regarding radiation risk management in Fukushima. Currently, I have been conducting researches on environmental risk of metals in Japanese water environment and individual external dose assessment in Fukushima. In the radiation risk management research in Fukushima, I am interested in scientific evidence and effective risk communication to support sound risk management decisions.

Research achievement

  • Yasutaka T., Naito W. (2015) Assessing cost and effectiveness of radiation decontamination in Fukushima Prefecture, Japan. JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL RADIOACTIVITY 151: 512-520.
  • Naito W., Uesaka M., Yamada C., Ishii H. (2015) Evaluation of dose from external irradiation for individuals living in areas affected by the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant accident. RADIATION PROTECTION DOSIMETRY 163: 353 – 361
  • 内藤航、上坂元紀、石井秀樹 (2015) 小型個人線量計とGPS・GIS技術を活用した外部被ばく線量の評価. 電子情報通信学会誌 98 (2): 144-150
  • Yasutaka T, Naito W, Nakanishi J (2013) Cost and Effectiveness of Decontamination Strategies in Radiation Contaminated Areas in Fukushima in Regard to External Radiation Dose. PLoS ONE 8(9): e75308. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0075308
  • Han S., Naito W., Hanai Y., Masunaga S. (2013) Evaluation of trace metals bioavailability in Japanese river waters using DGT and a chemical equilibrium model. WATER RESEARCH 47: 4880-4892
  • Yokomizo H., Naito W., Tanaka Y., Kamo M. (2013) Setting the most robust effluent level under severe uncertainty: Application of information-gap decision theory to chemical management. CHEMOSPHERE 93: 2224-2229