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Xue Mianqiang


I am keen to pursue a career in sustainability with great passion. My research has mainly focused on the sustainability of the human-nature complexity, especially the anthropogenic material flows and their life cycle environmental effects. My ultimate goal is to increase the material efficiency and to decrease the environmental risk during transitions of urban systems towards sustainability. This goal will be achieved by development, integration, and application of tools including but not limited to material flow analysis (MFA), life cycle assessment (LCA) and risk assessment (RA). My research is based on “problem-driven” and “innovation-driven” at the same time contributing to both government and society.

Research achievement

  • Mianqiang Xue, Liang Zhou, Naoya Kojima, Leticia Sarmento dos Muchangos, Takashi Machimura, Akihiro Tokai. Application of Fuzzy C-means clustering to PRTR chemicals uncovering their release and toxicity characteristics. Science of the Total Environment, 2018, 622, 861-868.
  • Mianqiang Xue, Liang Zhou, Naoya Kojima, Takashi Machimura, Akihiro Tokai. Decabromodiphenyl ether (DecaBDE) in electrical and electronic equipment in Japan: stock, emission, and substitution evaluation. Environmental Science & Technology, 2017, 51, 13224-13230.
  • Mianqiang Xue, Naoya Kojima, Takashi Machimura, Akihiro Tokai. Flow, stock, and impact assessment of refrigerants in the Japanese household air conditioner sector. Science of the Total Environment, 2017, 586, 1308-1315.
  • Mianqiang Xue, Naoya Kojima, Liang Zhou, Takashi Machimura, Akihiro Tokai. Dynamic analysis of global warming impact of the household refrigerator sector in Japan from 1952 to 2030. Journal of Cleaner Production, 2017, 145, 172-179.
  • Mianqiang, Xue, Zhenming, Xu. Application of life cycle assessment on electronic waste management: a review. Environmental Management, 2017, 59, 693-707.
  • Mianqiang Xue, Alissa Kendall, Zhenming Xu, Julie Schoenung. Waste management of printed wiring boards: a life cycle assessment of the metals recycling chain from liberation through refining. Environmental Science & Technology, 2015, 49 (2), 940-947.
  • Mianqiang Xue, Zhenming Xu. Innovative platform and incentive mechanism are the keys for electronic waste collection in developing countries. Environmental Science & Technology, 2014, 48 (22), 13034-13035.
  • Mianqiang Xue, Yichen Yang, Jujun Ruan, Zhenming Xu. Assessment of noise and heavy metals (Cr, Cu, Cd, Pb) in the ambience of the production line for recycling waste printed circuit boards. Environmental Science & Technology, 2012, 46 (1), 494-499.