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Risk assessment research contributing to safety management policy

Groups Risk Assessment Strategy Group Environmental Exposure Modeling Group Emission and Exposure Analysis Group Explosion Safety Research Group Industrial Safety and Physical Risk Analysis Group
Project Leader Yuji Ogata

Research Background

To achieve a society harmonizing industry and the environment, it is necessary to reduce environmental and physical risk by appropriate use of chemical substances, materials and energy. To this end, we are working to align development of methods for evaluating and managing environmental and physical risk with the social and internationalization requirements of the public and private sectors in Japan.

Risk evaluation tools for chemical substances


Outline and Target

In the area of risk assessment research for chemical substances, in order to meet new needs of society, we are developing risk assessment methods for new materials and mixtures of chemical substances. In addition, we are upgrading assessment tools to include international use.
In the area of safety assessment research for explosions, we are developing safety assessment methods, technologies for reducing effects of explosions, and techniques for effective utilization by clarifying the ignition and explosion phenomena of energetic materials and high pressure gases. Through activities such as improving the UN Manual of Tests and Criteria, we contribute to the formulation of standards for handling international hazardous substances.

Impacts on Society

  • Contribution to implementation and revision of Chemical Substances Control Law (CSCL), High Pressure Gas Safety Act, Act on the Evaluation of Chemical Substances and Regulation of their Manufacture, etc.
  • Improvement of UN Manual of Tests and Criteria
  • Promotion of voluntary management of chemical substances by companies
  • Deregulation of Explosive Safety Quantity Distance (ESQD) etc.
  • Expansion of effective use of energetic materials and high pressure gases

Explosion of TNT explosives
Technical report on the disposal of unexploded ordnance (in Japanese, 2007)