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Development of assessment technologies supporting innovation in industries

Groups Emission and Exposure Analysis Group Advanced LCA Research Group Energy Systems Analysis and Policy Study Group Research Laboratory for IDEA Industrial Safety and Physical Risk Analysis Group
Project Leader Yutaka Genchi

Research Background

Towards realization of a society harmonizing industry and the environment, we develop assessment technologies targeting industrial safety and risk reduction together with risk assessment and management methods from industry to global scales for supporting innovation in the evaluation of chemical substances, materials, energy and environment.

Comparison of screening risk assessment results with general level of risk tolerance for hydrogen as an energy carrier


Outline and Target

Focusing on subjects such as the hydrogen supply chain, we are conducting analytic evaluations related to safety management encompassing topics including probability of accident occurrence, assessment of hazards, vulnerabilities, exposure and risk, and industrial safety and social acceptance.
Concerning energy risk reduction and security enhancement, we are evaluating the CO2 emissions reduction and energy conservation effects accompanying the development and dissemination of energy technologies such as energy creation, energy storage, energy saving and energy management.
We are developing impact methods aimed at multi-criteria assessment, and we are constructing the IDEA inventory database for supporting multi-criteria analysis.

Expansion of IDEA in ASIA


Impacts on Society

  • Contributing to realization of a hydrogen-based society
  • Ensuring stable supply of products, enhancement of business values, and safety of residents living near the industrial facilities via promotion of the concept of “Safety Competency”.
  • Contributing to promotion of CO2 emission reduction and energy conservation
  • Enabling companies to gain international environment response recognition through multi-criteria evaluation methods